From Haddonfield to Hollywood and suddenly back to Haddonfield, Halloween went from a guy walking around town and looking at people while maybe deciding to kill them to this! A bunch of teens just gathering up, and rushing forward into that place he likes to hang out and kill so (blog) many people because... well... logic doesn't matter, it's all o… Read More

It's a railroad, not a quarry.ANYWAY, this week we're looking at Shanghai Noon, where Jackie Chan meets up with Owen Wilson for an adventure through the Wild West! And... that sentence alone scarily enough has told you absolutely everything you have to know (blog post) about this movie. So why not watch a video review of it that's over 20 minutes l… Read More

Every time I see one of these movies, I am left wondering just how they managed to get so many sequels, Killjoy 2 killer clown because if you thought Killjoy 1 was bad OH BOY you haven't seen Killjoy 2 yet.In this installment, we get less of the clown, on less sets, with far less creativity or visibility and an even less coherent plot and less reas… Read More

I go to the movies, take something far from it, and then entirely ignore it the next day. I Decker Shado reviews am not going to change who I am.You can also find other movie websites listed belowHorror Sci-Fi ArchiveWatching inept moviesLame and lackluster filmsFilm Freak AwarenessItems and collectibles from cult movies… Read More

The resilient female protagonist in Prey (2022) is only one of the many reasons to like this unasked-for prequel. It's the Predator vs Naru, the Warrior Princess. Every gruesome scene and flawlessly choreographed action sequence guaranteed to have your bright green blood (see video) flowing! A perfect addition to any sputtering series. Simply put, … Read More